Ready to Elevate your Proposal Game?

Say goodbye to blurry selfies & hello to capturing that jaw dropping moment in all its glory! Let's turn your surprise proposal into a storybook-worthy scene, complete with laughter, tears, & a whole lot of love. With a skilled photographer in tow, your unforgettable moment will be immortalized in stunning clarity, ready to be shared for generations to come.
Let the adventure begin!

Want to Plan the Perfect

Secret Proposal Photoshoot?

Marriage proposals are defining moments. When you decide that you want to ask one person to be with you for the rest of your life, you want everything to be perfect. Planning a spectacular proposal to show your love to your special person can be incredibly stressful but I have some great tips to help you pull off the perfect secret proposal photo shoot!

1.) Hide & Seek- Depending on our location and if there are others around, I will blend in with the crowd or people around us, or better yet find a tree or something to hide behind. We will coordinate a plan beforehand so you'll know where I'll be and confidently capture the moment we're all here for! This is my favorite style!

2.) The Plan- Option two is a safe backup. Arranging a regular photo session but without letting your significant other know you'll propose. This is perfect for a more private session.

Agree on a Location

I highly recommend that you clarify the exact spot of the proposal with a print screen from Google street view, so there is no confusion. If you aren't sure where to propose I have plenty of great suggestions of places to take you!

Set a Time

After the location is decided, just let me know what time you plan to propose. I will work with you to make sure that you get the best lighting for your photos. I highly recommend proposing around sunset for the best lighting, which is perfect since that’s already such a romantic setting.

Share the Details

Lastly, please send me a photo of you and your significant other, so I will be able to recognize you. It will be helpful if you also let me know what you will be wearing. If you are able to keep it a secret, you will be able to communicate by text on that day, so you can let me know the details and if everything is going according to the plan.

Story tell with Photos

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